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Social Media

Data you may post on forums including Twitter and Facebook about us or individuals employed or engaged by us are classified as third-party sites. You are advised that we are not the Data Controller of such other party sites.

Current/Upcoming events

  • Any information pertaining to a booking including:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • (also see Financial Transactions)


  • Any information pertaining to booking of our cottages is held online, via the accommodation system and via hard copy including:
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Online transfer payment remittance


Any emails you send to us may be used for the purpose of delivering our services. This information will be retained in line with our email retention policy.

  • CCTV
  • CCTV is in place around Larchfield Estate to ensure your security. This data may also be used by us for the purposes of investigations.
  • We will ensure we display signage to advise you that this is in operation.
  • On occasions, CCTV data may be required to be provided to law enforcement providers.

Financial Transactions

It is necessary to collect and process all financial records for the purpose of the assessment, collection or payment of any tax, duty, levy or other moneys owed or payable to HMRC.

We use a range of processing merchants to enable us to meet your needs in relation to your preference for processing your financial transactions.

A record of your financial transactions is retained on our finance system.

Business and personal accounts including the following data:

  • Direct Debit/Bank Details
  • Names, addresses, contact telephone, email
  • Receipts and financial records

Complaints/Incident Procedure

Any data relating to an incident or complaint is retained by us in line with our Operator requirements. Personal and/or sensitive data may be shared with government bodies or law enforcement including the PSNI for investigations/criminal proceedings.

Accident Books/Records/Reports

If you are involved in an accident or suffer an injury when using one of our services, please notify us immediately. We have a legal requirement to record the details of injuries from accidents/incidents. We may also be required to report this data to government agencies, our insurance providers and / or law enforcement providers.

We are required to retain this data for purposes of ensuring we meet our legal obligations in relation to injury.

Hosted Platforms/Third Party Applications

These are databases that are not controlled by us but which are provided to us by third party organisation. We request all such third-party organisation who provide hosted platforms to confirm that they will adhere to the lawful requirements under GDPR.

Other Party Sites

These are sites that are provided by other parties such as Facebook and Twitter that we do not have control over. We are not the Data Controller. People may freely enter information onto this site about us, including posting information on our Page. In this event, you are advised that if you make any such posts their terms, conditions and privacy notices apply. However, if we note a cause for concern over a post, we may take steps to ask the site to remove it. If you have a concern in relation to a post, you should contact the appropriate site directly. However, ultimately the removal of any such post is at their discretion and subject to their terms.

The Data Controller and Data Protection Co-ordinator

The Data Controller determines why personal data is, or has been, collected, processed and the way in which it is dealt with and ensuring it is processed fairly and lawfully and only for legitimate purposes. All Data Controllers must provide a notification to the Information Commissioner’s Office and be included on the register of data controllers as part of a registration process with the ICO.

The Data Processor

This relates to party who processes the personal / sensitive data on behalf of the Data Controller and they may be also regarded as a joint Data Controller. The Data Processor is responsible for processing data under the instruction of the Data Controller and only for the purposes intended.

Third Parties

This relates to third party providers who act on behalf of the Company under contract to provide services on our behalf under our instruction and only for the purposes intended. They may be also regarded as a joint Data Controller and are required to have certain security measures in place and to notify us immediately if there has been any actual or potential data breach.

Our Data Protection Co-ordinator is Donna Allan and their contact details are:

Data Subject

You are the data subject as you are the individuals whose personal information is being held or processed by us.

Authorised Personnel

This is data only accessible to authorised personnel. These individuals are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary and other action including termination of their contract if they fail to meet these obligations.

Personal Data

Information that identifies and relates to a living individual and includes any expression of opinion or intention about the individual. Personal data could be contact details, date of birth, qualifications, or anything pertaining to an individual. It is something that affects that individual person’s information and privacy.

Sensitive Personal Data

Sensitive personal data is defined as information relating to an individual’s equality, health, criminal investigations/convictions, complaints or appeals or other information that may be considered to be particular sensitive in nature.

Personal and sensitive personal data should not be processed unless at least one of the conditions is met:

  • The explicit consent of the individual
  • There is a legal obligation in the context of employment or other legal proceedings/requirements
  • The protection of the vital interests of the individual
  • The processing is carried out in the course of the legitimate activities of the organisation
  • The information has been made public by the individual
  • The information is required for medical purposes
  • For other lawful functions, e.g: for lawful monitoring or for other government statistical information